Not My President… By: DJ E-Rock

As we start off 2018, we can only hope that this world, further more our country can overcome it’s divisive state by working towards equality for all.

I can remember early in 2015, in my living room, speaking to my Mother.

“This really makes me nervous”


“The fact that such an unfit person can possibly be our president.”

I remember the feelings I had at the time. Fear, anxiety, confusion. It wasn’t pleasant at all not having a clear idea on what tone this country would have in the next few years.

Since Donald Trump’s inauguration, I’ve felt nothing but the most negative energy that I have ever seen in my lifetime. Although I may not of seen more than many during my time, this presidency really has taken it’s toll in such a small amount of time of it’s validity.

Some of the most negative things we could every imagine has been said by a man who feels that he is the answer to all, but isn’t. I’ve never felt so offended by someone I’ve never known personally. It’s almost grueling to wake up to only find news updates on your phone on how this man has insulted the next group of people who make up the very fabric of our great country.

I ask myself everyday, how does this happen? How did we end up in such a polarized time?

But then after chasing my tail over and over again on how this happened, there’s one thing that comes to mind.

How we do change this?

How do we get ourselves in a place where we all feel at home again?

We speak and we speak loud.

We lead by example.

We change ourselves for the better to inspire those around us to change. 

I am a firm believer that a rising tide brings up all ships while all baggage gets washed away.

As Americans, is it really American for a man who is so called “our president” to call NFL players who beckon for change and judicial equality by kneeling during our anthem “Son’s of Bitches?” The last time I checked, if the establishment is wrong, of course it’s our right to speak our concerns.

Is it American for programs like DACA to end not giving those who seek a better life a change to live the “American dream?” My parents were immagrants with a dream to give me the best life possible, now that programs like DACA exist, I could only imagine how high anyone could excel with enough runway to take off.

Is it American for us to have a president who cannot denounce racism although there are hundreds of videos proving just how many instance of hate and hate crimes occurred during the Charlottesville riots?

Is it American for us to hear our president call counties such as Haiti and Africa “Shitholes?”

It’s not.

When will we speak up?

When will we see recourse?

When will we be united again?

Change starts within, and if you feel the same way I do – I beg you to change to inspire those around you because this is for our future and our children’s futures.

If you’re quiet, speak!

If you’ve never voted before, this is now your time to make a difference.

If you’ve never cared before, trust me, it’s time to care.

If you’ve looked the other way, it’s now time to open your eyes.

If you voted for him in confidence, then it might be time to realize that you made a mistake.

For us to get to somewhere we’ve never been, we must do things we’ve never done. 

Change now, inspire again. America needs you.

Donald Trump, you are NOT my president.



*** The views reflected in this blog entry are not a reflect of any entity affiliated with RadioBassment.com and are the views of DJ E-Rock only.***